About Hydra-Matic Inc.

The McKenna family founded Hydra-Matic Packing Co., Inc. in 1945 and still owns and operates the company today. We are committed to providing quality services and products to our customers today. We have continued to grow and expand the company and have continued growth year after year. We have approximately 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space.

Material Conversion Services
Hydra Matic, Inc. is an industry leader in the fabricating, slitting, warehousing and distributing of industrial fiberglass products for numerous industries. We specialize in slitting, saw cutting, die cutting, laminating, assembling and more for the specialized filtration, industrial battery, health care, stationary battery, acoustical panels and insulation for industrial appliance industries.

Hydra Matic, Inc. strives to set the standard in the industries it serves for quality, deliveries, pricing and service. We have the capabilities to provide you with a quality product made to your specifications.